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House Shifting

Balaji Om Packers And Movers provides 24 hours services to transfer goods so that it can help you. So we have packing options, household moving services, and protection packages that let you personalize your move to meet your family’s unique needs.

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Office Shifting

Balaji Om best equipped and most experienced Packers and Movers organizations, Vadodara Packers Movers specializes in servicing the needs of today's demanding corporate market. Vadodara Packers Movers responds to the needs of our corporate clients nationwide, with a dedication that delivers exemplary service. Our high standards of personalized care are distinguished by experience, efficiency and expertise. Landing ahead is the best way to ensure your office moving day goes smoothly, so Chess Moving has composed an office checklist to help you prepare your office resources for relocation to their new site.

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Packing and Moving

Our team of professional removalists are experts at packing boxes and protecting furniture during removals, and we use specifically designed boxes for moving, as well as special protective materials intended to withstand any forces endured while your belongings are in transit For all of our interstate and international removals, we can provide a comprehensive packing service. Our fully trained moving team will professionally handle and pack your household goods.

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Loading and Unloading

Professionals who work for loading and unloading of goods are the ones who use specific machines like cranes and conveyor belts for the purpose of loading and unloading goods. This way, they make sure none of your goods is damaged. One of the biggest risks involved in using untrained and unskilled labours for the work of loading and unloading is that they are likely to damage your furniture or even your crockery while they are being offloaded trucks and lorries. You are sure to find a couple of such trained professionals ready to help you when you come to our offices for help at this front.

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Car and Transportation

Balaji Om Packers and Movers has moved thousands of cars all around the world. When shipping cars, safety is the key aspect and we take extra measures to protect it during shipping. A partition or rack will be tailor-made inside the container if household goods are also being shipped. Once the car is being loaded into the container, its battery will be disconnected for safety purpose. Thereafter, the car is then lashed with steel straps and wood stoppers are placed behind the wheels to prevent it from shifting. The container is then locked and sealed and ready to be delivered to the terminal for shipment.

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Domestic Relocations

Balaji Om Packers and Movers a new home means you’ll be dealing with tasks like finding a good neighbourhood for your kids, accounting for and packing all your possessions, and arranging for them all to be carted from your old house to the new one. With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn’t it be great if you could find an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving someone you could trust to handle all the details?

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Warehouse Service

There are certain parameters that should be followed and kept in mind when you are dealing with storage and warehousing services. The warehouse should be in a safe and secure area away from all chances of a dacoits or a robbery. The location should not be such that of a place or area is notorious for robberies. There should be a safe system of lock and key. Everything should be kept safely and in complete safety. The place should have adequate safety against fire-hazards. There should be a couple of fire-extinguishers in place to keep down any fires that might occur. there should be no chances of radiation or any other kind of hazards that can damage goods.

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Insurance Service

Insurance is must in order to manage the contingencies. To make up losses during transition Balaji Om Packers and Movers cover your goods under comprehensive insurance. We also help you in all the paper work related to insurance. Any type of accident or natural mishap can be harmful for goods during relocation.

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